April 4th 2014 Legislative Update


April 3, 2014

Dear IDHA Members, RDH Colleagues, and Collaborative Practice Supporters;

We are all so very proud of the efforts everyone is making to help pass SB 2847 for Collaborative Practice! Both member and non-member RDH’s are responding in the hundreds every week.  We reached over 1,000 e-slips filed for the April 2nd hearing!  That was amazing and took the efforts of each one of you.  Our momentum is strong.  Our voice is being heard by the legislators.  Our message of increasing direct access to oral healthcare services provided by a Registered Dental Hygienist as being part of the solution to decreasing the disparities in oral health in Illinois is being heard!!

On Wednesday, April 2nd, our bill was not called because the Senate Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee was cancelled.

We are monitoring the situation to see if the bill will be posted in committee next Wednesday.  So please continue to go to the my.ilga.gov website and track if the bill is listed for a committee hearing.  ANY TIME you see SB 2847 listed as being up for a committee hearing you MUST file an e-slip as a PROPONENT.

The Illinois State Dental Society has been less than fully truthful with the messages they deliver to their membership and in their interpretation of SB 2847.  We continue to have to keep our message clear and simple:

  • Collaborative Practice is voluntary: No RDH or DDS will be forced  to participate
  • This is NOT independent practice: Remote supervision will function in a similar manner as to how general supervision currently functions within the private dental office.  If this bill was for independent practice it would not have the name ‘collaborative’ and we would not be asking for remote supervision by a DDS!  However, the ISDS continues to try to convince legislators otherwise.  It is divisive and we will continue to give clear and truthful messages.
  • Collaborative practice still requires the mandated dental exam.  This bill will allow the exam to be done after the preventive, therapeutic or palliative services by a RDH.  If you are practicing in an office where the exam is done AFTER the RDH services are provided, you need to inform your DDS this is not practicing within the law.  The exam must be done FIRST by the DDS on ALL NEW patients and on ALL PATIENTS ONE TIME EVERY 12 months.  We must ALL practice within the current mandates of the law or help to change them!!
  • This bill will allow RDH to better serve the public and increase the number of school-based programs, nursing home and long term care facility programs, and programs in places such as WIC clinics, OB-GYN offices, hospital based programs, and public health clinics.  But, we need YOUR continued efforts in order to make that happen.
  • We need each one of you to continue to monitor 1) if the bill is listed for a hearing; 2) file an e-slip as a PROPONENT of SB 2847 OR HB 4441; 3) continue to monitor if HB 4414 OR SB 2849 for the CDHC is listed and file an e-slip as an OPPONENT
  • Contact your personal legislator in their home district office or in Springfield and ask for them to sign on as a co-sponsor of SB 2847 and HB 4441



Thank you for your continued diligence to help pass SB 2847 / HB 4441.  Please continue to watch the IDHA website for more information.


Kimberly K. Benkert, RDH, BSDH, MPH, COM                      Becky Bunge, RDH

Legislation Chair                                                                               President



Hello IDHA Committee Members,

I urge you to submit E-slips again for SB 2847. It will be heard in committee again next week on Wednesday, April 2nd at  3pm. If you have already registered with “my.ilga.gov” then all you have to do is submit another e-slip. The following is a simple recap of how to do this. The attachment above is for first time filers. IDHA will continue to update you on the bill. If you haven’t received the recap e-mail from Mary Lucas today regarding Lobby Day, it will get to you by Monday. Please send this information to any and all of your RDH co-workers, friends and acquaintances . We received a lot of great energy from legislators in Springfield this week and I want them to know we are continuing our efforts towards this bill! Thanks in advance!
1) Log on to “my.ilga.gov
2) Log On
3) Click “Senate Committee Hearing”
4) Click “Week”
5) Click on April 2nd, “Licensed Activities and Pensions”
6) Click “SB 2847″
7) Click “Create Slip”
8) Click “Proponent”
9) Click “Record of Appearance only”
10) Click “Create Slip”
Becky Bunge, RDH
President IDHA

Students Experience Lobby Day!



March 20, 2014


The scheduled hearings for HB 4441 and SB 2847 for Collaborative Practice and HB 4414 and SB 2849 for the Community Dental Health Coordinator were at the Capitol today. The day was attended by Kim Benkert, Jan Starr, Robin Brinkmeier, and John Cusick. John Cusick had an earlier hearing with the Education Committee and caught up with us later in the day. The Chair of the House Healthcare Licenses Committee, Rep. Michael Zalewski called the committee to order at 9:30 a.m. Acknowledging that a quorum was present, Rep. Ron Sandack (sponsor of HB 4414, CDHC) was not there. Also, Rep. Will Davis (sponsor of HB 4441) had another hearing he was committed to earlier in the morning. Chair Zalewski announced the first bill number on the agenda. This was not our bill, but another one. He called the proponent and any opponent forward for testimony. There was no testimony to be heard and the bill passed out of committee onto the house floor in only a few short minutes. At that point, Chair Zalewski announced all other bills scheduled for today would be placed on hold and the Committee was going into recess. Therefore, our bill was not able to be heard. Then all committee members got up and left. The room emptied out quickly!! Jan contacted our bill sponsor for Collaborative Practice, Will Davis, regarding HB 4441 to find out what happened!! Our sponsor simply stated that he is going to talk to Chairman Zalewski today and get back to her regarding their conversation.


One can look at this morning as somewhat of a success and a bit frustrating at the same time.  The efforts of many individuals filing E-slips kept the CDHC bill in committee and from advancing. Yeah!!! The Chair of the House Committee viewed our Collaborative Practice bill as a ‘turf’ issue between hygienists and dentists. We can summarize that: 1) we stood our ground; 2) we engaged many supporters and the number grows each day; 3) we get another week to do it all over again and demonstrate even MORE support!!!


All three of us attended the Senate Committee hearing today. In the Senate, Senator Sandoval did not appear for the hearing and the CDHC remains ‘postponed’. However, the bill is still alive in committee until the deadline of March 28th to get bills on to the floor. Senator Trotter who is the sponsor of our bill, SB 2847, was in discussion with Senator Iris Martinez, Chair of the Senate Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee. Today around 1:00 p.m. Senator Trotter stated Iris Martinez requested we delay hearing the Collaborative Practice bill until next week. It could be heard next Wednesday, March 26th which is IDHA’s Lobby Day.


So, the current status of the CDHC in the Senate is postponed. Our Collaborative Practice bill hearing should be next week.


At this point we will ALL have to go online AGAIN and submit E-slips. We are growing stronger and have more PROPONENTS each time!!! We also need each RDH personally making those phone calls to the House and Senate Committee members PLUS our own individual legislators. Now when we call our individual

Legislators, we need to try to engage them or their staff in conversation to help them understand why Collaborative Practice is THE choice for the people in their voting district. We have one more week to rally HARD and get out the message through E-slips and by calling your own legislators. We need to help each legislator understand this is NOT a turf issue between RDH and DDS…. This is a PEOPLE issue!!!


1)  File E-slips before Wednesday, March 26 as a “PROPONENT” of HB 4441 and SB 2847 and as an “OPPONENT” of HB 4414 and SB 2849. Call your legislator in the House and Senate to ask for their help in doing the same.

2)  Ask Your Senator to ask Senator Iris Martinez to pass Collaborative Practice out of committee and ask the same of your State Representative too.

3)  Have your State Representative contact Chairman Zalewski and ask him to not pass the Community Dental Health Coordinator.

4)  Have them commit their opinion and please send feedback to IDHA. This information will help us log everything and give feedback from your contacts to share with the lobbyists


Thank you all for your continued hard work!!


Kim Benkert

IDHA Legislation Chair


Kimberly K. Benkert, RDH, BSDH, MPH, COM, FAADH

Midwest Orofacial Myology



630-790-5517 (fax)